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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Another Boot Knockin’ and Butt Rockin’ Night

Radio Ranch

It was another Boot Knockin’ and Butt Rockin’ night with the One Eyed Parrot Dance Club. 

We had close to 40 folks show up for the lessons with additional friends coming in as the night went on. It was a busy lesson night and we started off by reviewing Baby Dance with Me (L)   Played a few times last night to a chorus of women screaming “We Want Olly!”   

(If you haven’t seen Olly yet you can  Check him out HERE ) We then taught JeffersonExpress (P) and then taught A Wind Up (L) (  Errors on Video steps 17-20) and Something Fine (P) (Which we dance to Love Done Gone by Billy Currington). We even managed to fit in a very quick review of Wild at Heart to the song by the same name from Glorianna. (Nailed it. Restarts and all!)

For our entertainment pleasure Radio Ranch was back in Chicopee keeping the energy level high and keeping us on the floor till closing! These guys really make it happen.  Like JP Said this morning

“ Another super night last night with Radio Ranch at the AMVETS in Chicopee. It's so great to look around on the dance floor and see so many couples doing partner dances. Makes the place look like a country dance club.

Well,  That’s the goal…  ;)

It was nice to see our new friends Nicole and Glenn back, great to see how well all our new dancers are progressing. BTW Janet (Out with knee surgery) asked us to do a little grapevine for her last night and we want her to know we did more than a few. ;)  get that leg strong and get back to see us.

See ya’ll Friday. Have a great week!

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