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Sunday, October 14, 2012

2012 Fall Ketchup

Playing Sunday Ketchup on the OEP Blog and we got a lot to catch you up on.

Well Summers Over and it's getting colder and what a summer it was. As a club we had more events this summer then in any other summer in our history and we had a blast! The fall line up is out & looking good and I've attached it to the bottom of this update. 

OEP Shirts- OK, Well we've filled almost all of the One Eyed Parrot shirt orders so if you need any more, let us know and we'll add it to the next batch. 

4 Weeks Ago - We had Stratos coming back for their second performance at the AMVETS. We were looking forward to it because we had such a great time at their 1st performance.(Their 1st was  in 2011, and this was what we said about it then) . So we were surprised that we didn't dance as much as last time. After talking to Jason/Stratos I found out why. Their directory with their music crapped out on them & couldn't be accessed. (They also use the PC for background tracks as well) It's fixed and will definitely not be a problem going forward. Cool! For the lessons we taught Ghostriders and reviewed Dan Albro's new couples dance  Seven Nights. Who choreographs better than Dan?

3 Weeks Ago the Truck Stop Troubadours were back and rocked the house with the classic Outlaw Rockabilly style they're known for. For the lessons we reviewed Ghost Riders and taught our new Partner dance HeartStrings

2 Weeks Ago - Radio Ranch packed the place for a Hot Country Dance Party and as always ROCKED the HOUSE!  What a Party Crowd! Go Go Glo-Ho! They will be Back the 1st Friday in November. For the lessons we taught the Line Dance Good Riddance and reviewed our new Partner dance HeartStrings. 

Last Friday the Hurricanes blew into town playing country and a little Rock & Roll. 1st time I had a chance to meet them, very nice considerate folks. We did a video of our dance HeartStrings which is now up on YouTube and Copperknob. For the lessons we retaught Six Pack Summer by request and Reviewed the Line Dance Good Riddance.

Had a few people ask about Mishnock (Gee I'm Surprised)  ;-) We'll be planning our next trip in the Spring of 2013.

TRUE WEST - On the bad news front one of our favorite bands True West has disbanded... pun intended. The Good news is that John Kelly is working on reconstituting the band under a different name so, I'm sure we'll get to see some of their smiling faces again.

This coming Friday we have a new band playing the AMVETS,  Chickenwire.  As mentioned last week there will be no lessons on the 21st just an all request dance party to get a chance to practice all the dances we've learned. 75 Non-Stop minutes of line & Partner dancing starting at 6:30! Followed up with live country music.

Guess Who?
Last Western Night
at the Castle
Also Don't forget Western Knight at the Castle Oct 27th is fast approaching , get your tickets from Dave this Friday before they'll all gone!!

We'll be teaching a couple of BEGINNERS LINE DANCES so bring your friends!

See ya Friday!

2012 FALL Schedule

Friday, October 19 Chicken Wire
Friday, October 26 Just-N-Kase
Saturday, October 27 Country Knight @ the Castle w/Radio Ranch!
Friday, November 2  Radio Ranch
Friday, November 9 Stratos
Friday, November 16 Just-N-Kase
Friday, November 23 The Company
Friday, November 30 Truck Stop Troubadours
Friday, December 7 Radio Ranch
Friday, December 14 Just-N-Kase
Friday, December 21 End of the World Dance Party with Stratos
Friday, December 28 Truck Stop Troubadours

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