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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Friday November 2nd – Packin’ Em In!!

Wow! ... Wow!  For those that missed it, last Friday broke 7 years of attendance records with 55 Dancers on the Floor for the lessons. Great to see everyone coming out for the lessons and getting a chance to make a bunch of new friends.

This week we started off by reviewing the intermediate Line Dance Summer Sun to the song by the same name by Clayton Anderson. Great dance, well received, check it out. For our new partner dance we taught Long, Long Way to the song by the same name by Alan Jackson. Another cool partner dance, received lots of compliments on this one.

Besides the regular cast and crew, we had Kenn from Germany join us for a second week. For those of you who don’t know Kenn, he’s from here originally and joins us every year when he comes back to visit. Real Nice Guy. When he gets back to Europe, he’s gonna be sending us some of the dances that they’re doing in Germany to check out.

Also got to do a little more chatting with Pam & Jim and Mike & Cheryl who took our lessons at the Castle last week. Nice to see them again. Stop by next week and introduce yourselves and make them feel welcome. It was also really great to see John & Kathy Hunter out again on a Friday. Good Friends, Great Dancers/Instructors.

As promised, Radio Ranch came back from their performance at the Castle and really ROCKED THE HOUSE! Can’t say enough about these guys as musicians and friends. They hit all the Line Dance songs they know we love and kept people on the floor all night long. Great job mixing it  up with 2 Step, Cha, Cha, Swing, Rumba, Polkas etc etc etc. This band really knows how to work the crowd. Gotta Love Justin's solo cover of "Private Malone". Many thanks for Learning “The Wind” and their rendition of 1452 Beers Ago was Spot On! Great Job.  Much appreciated! BTW Thanks for the beer guys. ;-)

Next Friday Stratos will be back for their 3rd performance at the AMVETS check out their web page HERE! For the lessons next week we’ll be reviewing Long, Long Way and will be teaching a nice easy beginners Line dance to a wicked catchy song and…..... You’re Gonna Like It! It’s one of those easy dances that you get just into so quickly and is pure fun to dance to! See ya there!

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