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Sunday, January 27, 2013


What an AWESOME Night!! Last Friday at the Chicopee AMVETS was absolutely LEDGEN... wait for it......DARY... with an Jam-Packed club, and the floor so full during the lessons I was teaching from the Carpet! 

With 54 Dancers on the floor, the lessons were fun and the atmosphere electric.  We started out by reviewing last weeks dance "Walking Away" and because we had SO MANY new people we taught two beginner dances "Up to No Good" and the Classic Jo Thompson Szymanski dance "Cowboy Rhythm". (We will be teaching a Partner Dance this Friday.) 

Everyone picked up the dances great and got to practice them throughout the evening to some great songs by the band. Speaking of the band, Chickenwire did an absolutely fabulous job of personally interacting with the audience while laying down some beat-perfect rhythms for us to dance to. Great band, Great musicians and singers and some of the nicest guys you'd ever want to meet. They will be back on February 15th. Don't Miss Em!

So Many New friends, we can't keep track. It was great to see Shirley, Lana, Nancy and their friend Denise back, as well as meeting all of Kris's Friends, Doreen's friend Jean, etc etc etc. If you haven't yet, get me your emails so we can keep you updated with what's happening with the club!

One couple I'd like to mention specifically and introduce you to is Wendy & Kevin from Otis. We will be teaching beginner & maybe low intermediate dances at their place starting in March. BTW they just got engaged last Friday. Congratulations!! Really nice folks. Stop by and introduce yourself next time you see them. Check out the new Lessons here and share with your western Mass Friends!

Next Friday, it's a , um Oh Yeah...... Just One of the FINEST Country Bands in New England... RADIO RANCH!!! Yeah the Ranch is Back! The night will be hopping as Joe, Justin, Jim, Art and Matt      get your Butt Rocking and Boots knockin' with a mix of classic Country and contemporary standards. They guys really set the bar for  knowing what it takes to please an audience. The place is ALWAYS packed when the Ranch is playing so get there early to get a seat! So Join the PARTY CROWD and Dance with the Ranch, RADIO RANCH!!

BTW - Thanks to Alan & Sonia / UK for recently doing a Demo video of our New dance Nathan's Wagon and putting it up on their website for others. Alan & Sonia run a UK site full of dance videos. Check it out  Alan & Sonia's Site.

EASTHILL FARM!! Book now rooms are going fast!   East Hill Farm Country Dance Weekend March 15th-17th  ** Click for Info** 

Tell them you're with Randy, Doreen and the One Eyed Parrot Dance club when you book!  


It's Time to Book your Room for our 5th Annual Rhode Trip to the Mishnock Barn!! May 25th 2012. We will be heading back down almost a year to the day from our last trip that absolutely ROCKED!!  An Annual OEP Traditions WOO HOO!!


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