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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Stickin' it out with Radio Ranch

Last Week Wrap Up

Monday - Beginners Line & Two Step Lessons last Monday at the Granby American Legion was
Awesome. We had a 35% increase in attendance week over week. Great to see so many newbies & make so many new friends. Line dancers & Two Steps all picking up very well. 

Tuesday - was the last of our 8 Week sessions in Otis. A little sad, got meet some great folks and make new friends but I expect we'll see going they from time to time going forward. Great Experience.

Thursday - @ the Palmer Legion was Awesome, great turnout and got Ton's of dancing in. I'm getting emails back with comments like "My new favorite dance night .  I love all that non stop dancing."  &  "We are having a great time on Thursday nights!!!!!" Which I'm glad to hear 'cause we are too! Did a full reteach of 50 Ways. What a great Song and Dance! This week is the 2nd Tuesday of the month so DOORS OPEN at 7PM. The Lady's Aux has their meeting 6-7.

Last Friday -  was an awesome night of great Country music with the One and Only Radio Ranch. 
I don't think that it would be an overstatement to say that it seemed that all the Line Dancers were absolutely glued on their performance. I'm not sure if it was an adhesive interaction between an artist and their audience or something else but there seemed to be an unusual bond that evening that shared by Line dancers and freestylers alike. The band adhered to their time tested tradition of playing Party Crowd and in return many of us opted to stick around and actually stuck it out with them till closing.  Oh yeah and we taught a new Partners dance... 

BTW 3 Weeks to MISHNOCK!!! 

Here's the line up for this week.............................

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