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Monday, August 26, 2013


For the One Eyed Parrot Dance Club, this summer has been nothing short of ...

Thanks to Lauri and Wayne, we ushered the summer in with 

the Waylau BBQ and for the 1st time in club history, offered 2 nights of dancing all through the summer with Beginners Nights in Granby and Intermediate Nights in Palmer. Check out all the dances we taught since the end of May...

In August we preclosed the summer season with the OEP Annual Road-trip to Hampton Beach and what an amazing time it was with well over twenty parrots descending on the unsuspecting beach goers in New Hampshire. And, for the record, it is now certain that Ray Zerkle knows whether it's her or the Rum.... We built an Island, Raised our flag, claimed it as our own and successfully  avoided getting kicked off the beach. (Who knew they have rules of how deep your holes on the beach can be?) We welcomed in the sun on the beach each morning, flew, danced and sang in typical Parrot style. In the company of both new and old friends we made memories that will last for years to come! **PICTURES**

We will be wrapping up the last two OEP Dance nights of August in Granby and Palmer and then it will be Time for the Fall Season to Begin!!

Kicking off the new season will be Line Dance Lessons in Palmer on September 5th (NO lesson in Granby on Sept 2, Labor Day Monday!) Then on Friday September 6th we'll be back for the 1st night of lessons and dancing at the Chicopee Amvets) Lessons will be followed by the One and Only, Radio Ranch, kickin' it till closing. 

Speaking of the Ranch you get to see them again in September because they'll also be performing at the KOC Western Night at The Castle. Great time Last year. See me for tickets!!! Click here for info...

Then in OCTOBER (October 18th - 20th to be exact)  we are heading down to teach at 

We got the chance to go in the Spring and it was Absolutely AMAZING! The sheer breadth of the event was phenomenal with so many different styles and levels of dance to choose from.  If you want to have a selection of instructors, levels and dance styles to pick from, this is the place to go! Check it Out!!...............
The meals are to die for and the open bars offer a nice relaxing break between sessions and give folks a chance to mingle. Dan & Kelly run a wonderful event and are two of the nicest people you'd ever want to meet. We learned some of our best dances of the year here.  Can't Wait!! Check out the Flyer here and book now!

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