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Monday, October 28, 2013

Awesome Autumn Update!

WOW! What an October this was!
Beside our regular Monday, Thursday and Friday night dancing we started off the month with a small demo and lessons for the nice folks at Keystone Woods in Springfield. The staff there rocks, joined in kicking up their heels during the lessons  and it was a pure joy to watch the residents enjoying the dancing and music.

We rolled in to mid-Month getting ready to travel down and teach at the Mishnock & Friends Country Weekend at the Hudson valley Resort. (Which by the way was awesome.) Made some wonderful new friends, learned cool dances and had a great time with the roughly 500 dancers in attendance. It was great to get so much positive feedback on our new Partner dance "Shouldn't be Thinking" Check out the video of the dance at Mishnock here..

We left Mishnock Sunday afternoon headed home unpacked, washed clothes, repacked went to bed and got up early for our Group Roadtrip to Martha's Vineyard. What a fun time with the nicest people you'd ever want to travel with.

 So now we'll be wrapping up the Month this week with our normal Monday Class, a Prime Rib Dinner at the Granby Legion Tuesday OCT 29 and then an ALL REQUEST Dance on Halloween in Palmer.

November News!! 
Yep! You heard right. We're starting Beginner Line & Partner Dance Lessons on Wednesday Nights in Southwick. on November 6th. The response has been overwhelming! We can't wait to get started. If you're within driving distance of Southwick tell your friends, tell your neighbors, tell your neighbors friends that Country Dancing is coming to Southwick! See ya on the Dance Floor!

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