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Monday, January 23, 2012

Bi-Weekly OEP Update!!! (... I been goofing off )

New Dancers & Whiskey Hill  1/20/12 

Whiskey Hill was back at the AMVETS last Friday, mixing it up with a combination of Classic & Contemporary Country with a litter R&R mixed in. There was a good sized crowd overall and we had a full floor for the lessons. BTW we  HAVE NEVER had this many beginners at one time for the lessons!! (Again with the HOW COOL IS THAT!) Good dancers (Picked up quick) and nice people. Great additions to the dance crew! We kept the teaches mostly beginners reviewing Heads or Tails &  Let it Roll let it Ride then taught Little Squirt and the intermediate Partner Dance  Six Pack Summer for the couples who showed up in force as well.

OEP Country Night 1/13/12!!    YEAH!!

We kicked off the 1st OEP Country Dance night of the year on January 14th!. Another fun night of all request dancing all night long at Chicopee AMVETS. These nights really give us the  time needed to teach an extra dance or two or spend a little more time reviewing the more difficult dances. We started the new lessons with a dance to a song that's currently topping the charts"Drink in My Hand" and taught the "Wichita Waltz" for the couples dance. Speaking of couples we're getting more and more couples showing up every week for the lessons. How cool is that?? It's great to see the floor with with couples EVERY SINGLE week.  Next OEP Night is March 9th so mark your calendars.

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