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Saturday, January 7, 2012

What a Great Way to Start 2012!!

We really kicked off 2012 in style at the AMVETS, packing the place for the one and only RADIO RANCH!  Joe, Justin, Matt, Jim and Art started the night out strong with a good upbeat tempo and kept us all up and dancing till closing! We had 30+ people on the floor for the line dance lessons and at some points of the night we had so many Partner dancers on the floor that people had to start a second circle in the middle. (How cool is that, Right?) It was a Outstanding night with High Energy and of course our regular "Party Crowders" and friends we don't get to see every week, Dave & Shelly, Gert & Guy, Rita & Ron, Denise, Diane from Canada, Kristen .....etc etc etc.. forgive me for not mentioning everybody! 

For the lessons we reviewed  the intermediate Line Dance that we taught on 12/30  "Don't Drink the Water" by Rachel McEnaney to the song by the same name by Brad Paisley and Blake Shelton. Got a lot of nice feedback on this one. We also reviewed the  "Argentine Cha Cha" "As a partner dance, not a mixer" to "Trying to get to New Orleans" by the Tractors. (What a Cool Song!) Since we knew we were going to have a few more beginners join us for the lessons, we taught two beginner dances "Let it Roll, Let it Ride" and "Heads or Tails" which they did a great job of picking up. (This was evident by the smiles on their faces as they were able to dance them during the band break.) Good dancers and very nice people. We also taught the partner dance Jambalaya which goes EXCELLENT to Radio Ranch's version of "Hey Good Looking". Radio Ranch will be back on Feb 3rd so mark your calendars!

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