Ol' One Eye

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Surprise!!

BAD NEWS: Last week the band that was schedule to play couldn't make it 
GOOD NEWS: Instead we were treated to a wonderful Christmas surprise, RADIO RANCH! Yup the guys stepped up, filled in and provided us with a wonderful early Christmas present, a great night of  music, dancing and fun with one of the finest Country bands around. BIG BIG Thanks to Joe, Matt, Justin, Art and Jim for making our 2012 Christmas Party one to remember!

Many thanks to all who brought in the eats and goodies of all sorts. What a smorgasbord!

As a Christmas thank you to all OEP’s we had a free all request dance session till the band started. We had a nice crowd  and it was great to see an inner circle necessary during the partner dances. How cool is that? Besides our regulars we also had a treat of seeing a lot of  friends we don’t get to see as often like Dave & Shelly and Sherry & Tim. More early Christmas Presents.... ;-)

Doreen & I also need to take this opportunity to thanks everyone for the wonderful Shirts and Gift card we received. They’re beautiful and you guys are way too nice! We are truly blessed to have met and be fortunate enough to count you all as friends. Thank You So Much!!!

MORE GOOD NEWS:  Word is that Marybeth is on the mend, sounds wonderful and doing great. Can’t wait to have her back dancing with us.


  • The Good news is the World didn’t end.
  • The Bad news is you will have to pay off all the things you charged for Christmas.
  • The Good News is that we get to close out 2012 by dancing our butts off all night to the uptempo 4/4 foot stompin' two steppin',house rockin',diesel truckin', beer drinkin' music of the Truck Stop Troubadours .  Don't miss 'Em!

Last time they played the AMVETS they kept it up tempo and made it a point to call out the dances we do to specific songs they know we do. They worked in some off our favorites like Runaway, Act Naturally and several others and even added some Travis Tritt into their repertoire.  Nice Touch Guys! 


Saturday, January 19 is a Ham & Bean Country Get Together at the SECOND BAPTIST CHURCH 589 Granby Rd (RT202) South Hadley)from 5-8 pm. We'll be there to introduce folks to beginners line and maybe couples dancing. For dinner they'll be ham, beans, coleslaw, rolls, bev. and dessert  from 5-6:30 pm.   Tickets are $5 in advance and $8 at the door.  Children under 5 are free.   Tickets are available from Jen Crafts at 413-552-4140 or in person on Friday Nights at the Chicopee AMVETS

New Info Page for the East Hill Farm Country Dance Weekend March 15th-17th . Check it out and Book NOW!Tell them you're with Randy, Doreen and the One Eyed Parrot Dance club when you book! 

See Ya on the Dance Floor!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Yuletide Salad with Cool Ranch Dressing

What can I say? Last Friday was AWESOME! Our OEP Yuletide Season started off right with a combination of a packed dance floor , Great Friends (New & Old) and One of the finest country bands around Radio Ranch! I can't say enough about what a great performance they gave and quite frankly I'm getting tired of trying to find new adjectives that mean Awesome. 

Take away the fact their performance was "AWESOME". Take away the fact that they're Great Musicians and Singers. Take away the fact they play a Great all around country mix and genuinely relate to the crowd. When you do you'll find that you're left with 5 of the nicest people you'll ever want to meet. Good Times, Good Friends. Great Job Guys..

We started off the lessons doing a review of the easy line dance Givin' it Up to the Song 15 Minutes by Rodney Atkins  and then taught a Beginners Partner Dance called Jazz It Up . Since we had a little extra time, we also did a quick review of the Western Barn Dance Mixer since we had so many couples in attendance. 

REMINDER! During this holiday season remember our Veterans.  There are currently 300 Veterans (approx. 275 men & 25 women) at the Soldiers Home in Holyoke. We need your help and support to make sure each and every one of them has a Merry Christmas. Bring your gifts (unwrapped) from now until December 14, 2012 and join us and the AMVETS in bringing smiles to OUR Veterans. They will know we haven't forgotten them and them and what they have done for all of us.  



As you heard last Friday we got an invite to teach at the Country Dance weekend at the East Hill Farms this coming March. For years now, Alan & Marge & Bill & Linda, Bill & Doraine have been telling us what a wonderful time they always have there and we really need to our butts in gear and go. Well, we are, and really looking forward to it! Ask them or Don, Pauline or Joe about what a great time they had when they went. Terriffic response to this on Friday, all the flyers we put out went IMMEDIATELY! We'll bring more next Friday. In the meantime you can check out their website here East Hill Farm Country Dance Weekend March 15th-17th I'll fill you in on more details about how to sign up and make reservations next week. THIS IS GONNA BE A BLAST! Keep an eye out as I'll be sending a link with Pictures and a flyer on line. BTW, Really want to thank Paula Frohn & Michael Silva from Caddy for asking us and the couples that attended their December event for recommending us. You guys rock , You know that? ;-)

This coming Friday JUST-N-KASE is back at the AMVETS with a mix of country and Rock and Roll to get your butt rocking and knees knocking. So mark your calendars and start your weekend off right to a night of good music, dancing, throwing down a couple of cold ones and scuffing up some hardwood with all your friends!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Kissing November Goodbye!

We ended November 2012 by dancing our butts off all night to the uptempo 4/4 foot stompin' two steppin',house rockin',diesel truckin', beer drinkin' music of the Truck Stop Troubadours.  Brian and the gang were  spot on all night nailing song after song after song. Besides making a point to call out the dances we do to specific songs they worked in some off our favorites like Runaway, Act Naturally and several others and it wasn't lost on us that they added some Travis Tritt into their repertoire. Nice Touch! 

You know you're having a good time when they announce the last song and you look at your watch in disbelief wondering where the time went. Great Music, perfect pitch, not too loud, sincere band interaction with the crowd made for great night for everyone. Great Job! The Troubadours will be back at the AMVETS on December 28th to help us dance off some of the extra good food we ate over the holidays.

For the lessons last Friday we taught the easy line dance Givin' it Up to the Song 15 Minutes by Rodney Atkins which we'll be reviewing this coming Friday December 7th along with teaching a new partner dance. Speaking of next week ...it's the first Friday of the month and that means that Radio Ranch will be back at the AMVETS. Radio Ranch always packs the place with their ability to mix it up with a perfect blend of Swings, Cha-Cha's Two-Steps Waltz's etc, etc, etc that will keep you up on the floor and dancing all night long! . Great Band, Great People, Great Friends. Don't miss them, you'll have a great time! Note the warning from their facebook page below.... 

REMINDER! During this holiday season remember our Veterans.  There are currently 300 Veterans (approx. 275 men & 25 women) at the Soldiers Home in Holyoke. We need your help and support to make sure each and every one of them has a Merry Christmas. Bring your gifts (unwrapped) from now until December 14, 2012 and join us and the AMVETS in bringing smiles to OUR Veterans. They will know we haven't forgotten them and them and what they have done for all of us. 


Sunday, November 25, 2012

Black Friday Mixer

Last Friday was Randy & Dor's first Friday back after their Long Weekend Excursion to Newport. Many Many Thanks to Jenn for filling in! We started off the lessons by doing a quick review of Shotgun Jenny, (man that song and beat is additive) we then taught the Western Barn Dance Mixer, which was lots of fun. Love that Song too.

The band that was scheduled to play the day after Thanksgiving cancelled so Stratos filled in for them. It gave us the opportunity to get to know Carol better (Female Lead singer with the band Stratos). We showed her a couple of our line dances (She picks up quick) and found out what a phenomenal voice she has. Once the band turned the music down and placed a monitor in front of her the vocals were  absolutely SPOT ON all night. Great rendition of some country classics. Really Nice girl, great talent!

Next week,  the Truck Stop Troubadours will be back on stage playing the Classic outlaw country sound mixed with hints of Rockabilly and Americana that you love. So come out and join us for a night of 4/4 foot stompin' two steppin',house rockin',diesel truckin', beer drinkin' music with a definite uptempo beat.... Lessons Start at 6:30 and the Band at 8PM.  facebook event  See ya there!

Reminder - All RED Text are Dance Links all Blue Text are Band / Artist Links

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Friday November 9th - Birds of a Feather!

What a Great night at the Chicopee AMVETS! We followed up a record breaking attendance on the 2nd with another record breaking attendance on the 9th! That record didn't last long! The floor was packed to the rug on all sides and it was GREAT to see that it was a good mix of brand new faces, Friday Night Regulars and old friends we haven't seen in a while!

We started off the night with a teach of a new beginners dance Shotgun Jenny which received rave reviews. A big shout out to our friend  Ernie Bastarache  for turning us on to that one. 

This weeks review was the Partner dance Long Long Way and we even got to do a quick Re-Teach of Huli Huli Chicken in honor of last nights band, Chickenwire . Speaking of Chickenwire, what an outstanding performance they gave.   Definitely a 3 Bandanna Night!   Great Musicians and all around great down to earth people. If you ever get a chance to see them, DON'T pass it up! Excellent addition to the band rotation for the Chicopee AMVETS.

Next Friday, November 16th will be an all request practice session from 6:30 till 7:45 to give everyone a chance to practice the dances we've taught in the last month of so. Just N Kase will be back on stage with a playlist of good Heel Slapping, Boots Tapping gotta get up and dance tunes that will keep you on the floor all night!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Friday November 2nd – Packin’ Em In!!

Wow! ... Wow!  For those that missed it, last Friday broke 7 years of attendance records with 55 Dancers on the Floor for the lessons. Great to see everyone coming out for the lessons and getting a chance to make a bunch of new friends.

This week we started off by reviewing the intermediate Line Dance Summer Sun to the song by the same name by Clayton Anderson. Great dance, well received, check it out. For our new partner dance we taught Long, Long Way to the song by the same name by Alan Jackson. Another cool partner dance, received lots of compliments on this one.

Besides the regular cast and crew, we had Kenn from Germany join us for a second week. For those of you who don’t know Kenn, he’s from here originally and joins us every year when he comes back to visit. Real Nice Guy. When he gets back to Europe, he’s gonna be sending us some of the dances that they’re doing in Germany to check out.

Also got to do a little more chatting with Pam & Jim and Mike & Cheryl who took our lessons at the Castle last week. Nice to see them again. Stop by next week and introduce yourselves and make them feel welcome. It was also really great to see John & Kathy Hunter out again on a Friday. Good Friends, Great Dancers/Instructors.

As promised, Radio Ranch came back from their performance at the Castle and really ROCKED THE HOUSE! Can’t say enough about these guys as musicians and friends. They hit all the Line Dance songs they know we love and kept people on the floor all night long. Great job mixing it  up with 2 Step, Cha, Cha, Swing, Rumba, Polkas etc etc etc. This band really knows how to work the crowd. Gotta Love Justin's solo cover of "Private Malone". Many thanks for Learning “The Wind” and their rendition of 1452 Beers Ago was Spot On! Great Job.  Much appreciated! BTW Thanks for the beer guys. ;-)

Next Friday Stratos will be back for their 3rd performance at the AMVETS check out their web page HERE! For the lessons next week we’ll be reviewing Long, Long Way and will be teaching a nice easy beginners Line dance to a wicked catchy song and…..... You’re Gonna Like It! It’s one of those easy dances that you get just into so quickly and is pure fun to dance to! See ya there!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Friday - October 19th!

What a Great Night! Another 40+ dancers on the floor when we began our all request dance session at 6:30 with more and more dancers arriving as the night progressed. If this keeps up we're gonna need a bigger floor!

After Friday night I can say with conviction that a local band with one of the coolest logo's around is also one of the coolest bands! Yes, Chickenwire a local band out of the Greenfield, Massachusetts area made their debut performance at the Chicopee AMVETS and really Rocked the House last Friday. Playing mainly upbeat rhythms, they entertained the crowd with a mix of Country, Rock n Roll, Southern Rock etc that kept people up on the floor and dancing all night. They worked well with the Line dancers playing songs they knew dances to and they also threw in a few Buckle Polishers and Hopping Swing Tunes for the Freestylers and Swing Dancers. Nice Guys, Good Musicians, Great debut performance, Give em a "Like" on Facebook  HERE!

Getting good feedback on our new Partner dance HeartStrings from not only our couples but from instructors as far away as the Canada and the UK  taking the time to write us mentioning they like the dance and are going to teach it. Cool...

It's almost time for Western Night at the Castle! Next Saturday Chicopee will be putting on their boots and heading out to the KOC to Kick up their Heels Western Style! The fun starts at 6PM when the bar opens for Cocktails and snacks  and then about  7:00 PM they'll have a beginners dance lesson. At 7:30pm the Western Style Buffet begins with a menu of of Fried Chicken, Chili, Baked Beans, Mexican Style Corn, Salad, Corn Muffins, and Southern Style biscuits. After Dinner you'll be Dancing all night to the down home country sounds of one of the finest country bands in New England, Radio Ranch!  Don't Miss It!

This coming Friday JUST-N-KASE is back at the AMVETS and we have a cool new line dance all picked out that we're really looking forward to teaching! So mark your calendars and start your weekend off right to a night of dancing, throwing down a couple of cold ones and scuffing up some hardwood with all your friends!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

2012 Fall Ketchup

Playing Sunday Ketchup on the OEP Blog and we got a lot to catch you up on.

Well Summers Over and it's getting colder and what a summer it was. As a club we had more events this summer then in any other summer in our history and we had a blast! The fall line up is out & looking good and I've attached it to the bottom of this update. 

OEP Shirts- OK, Well we've filled almost all of the One Eyed Parrot shirt orders so if you need any more, let us know and we'll add it to the next batch. 

4 Weeks Ago - We had Stratos coming back for their second performance at the AMVETS. We were looking forward to it because we had such a great time at their 1st performance.(Their 1st was  in 2011, and this was what we said about it then) . So we were surprised that we didn't dance as much as last time. After talking to Jason/Stratos I found out why. Their directory with their music crapped out on them & couldn't be accessed. (They also use the PC for background tracks as well) It's fixed and will definitely not be a problem going forward. Cool! For the lessons we taught Ghostriders and reviewed Dan Albro's new couples dance  Seven Nights. Who choreographs better than Dan?

3 Weeks Ago the Truck Stop Troubadours were back and rocked the house with the classic Outlaw Rockabilly style they're known for. For the lessons we reviewed Ghost Riders and taught our new Partner dance HeartStrings

2 Weeks Ago - Radio Ranch packed the place for a Hot Country Dance Party and as always ROCKED the HOUSE!  What a Party Crowd! Go Go Glo-Ho! They will be Back the 1st Friday in November. For the lessons we taught the Line Dance Good Riddance and reviewed our new Partner dance HeartStrings. 

Last Friday the Hurricanes blew into town playing country and a little Rock & Roll. 1st time I had a chance to meet them, very nice considerate folks. We did a video of our dance HeartStrings which is now up on YouTube and Copperknob. For the lessons we retaught Six Pack Summer by request and Reviewed the Line Dance Good Riddance.

Had a few people ask about Mishnock (Gee I'm Surprised)  ;-) We'll be planning our next trip in the Spring of 2013.

TRUE WEST - On the bad news front one of our favorite bands True West has disbanded... pun intended. The Good news is that John Kelly is working on reconstituting the band under a different name so, I'm sure we'll get to see some of their smiling faces again.

This coming Friday we have a new band playing the AMVETS,  Chickenwire.  As mentioned last week there will be no lessons on the 21st just an all request dance party to get a chance to practice all the dances we've learned. 75 Non-Stop minutes of line & Partner dancing starting at 6:30! Followed up with live country music.

Guess Who?
Last Western Night
at the Castle
Also Don't forget Western Knight at the Castle Oct 27th is fast approaching , get your tickets from Dave this Friday before they'll all gone!!

We'll be teaching a couple of BEGINNERS LINE DANCES so bring your friends!

See ya Friday!

2012 FALL Schedule

Friday, October 19 Chicken Wire
Friday, October 26 Just-N-Kase
Saturday, October 27 Country Knight @ the Castle w/Radio Ranch!
Friday, November 2  Radio Ranch
Friday, November 9 Stratos
Friday, November 16 Just-N-Kase
Friday, November 23 The Company
Friday, November 30 Truck Stop Troubadours
Friday, December 7 Radio Ranch
Friday, December 14 Just-N-Kase
Friday, December 21 End of the World Dance Party with Stratos
Friday, December 28 Truck Stop Troubadours

Friday, September 28, 2012

Foot Stompin', Butt Rockin', Beer Drinkin' Music.. On Tap at the Chicopee AMVETS

This week, the the Truck Stop Troubadours will be on stage playing the Classic outlaw country sound mixed with hints of Rockabilly and Americana that you love. 

They learned some new songs that you're gonna like so come out and join us for a night of 4/4 foot stompin' two steppin',house rockin',diesel truckin', beer drinkin' music with a definite uptempo beat.... Lessons Start at 6:30 and the Band at 8PM. 
You'll have a GOOD TIME.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Stratos - Friday Sept 21st at the Chicopee AMVETS

This Friday, back at the AMVETS by popular demand is STRATOS and you will be impressed!

Jason and his folks provide a unique Country Music Dance Experience with their DJ and Band combo package. They artfully and seamlessly combine a DJ's digital music mix with the energy and excitement of a live performance that appeals to band lovers and DJ lovers alike!

Their ability to bounce between DJ & band for continuous performance, will have you up on the floor dancing to all the songs you love.

Friday Night Lessons Friday begin at 6:30 with beginners and new Intermediate line dance for ya and a review of last weeks Partner Dance

So come on out and get your country on with STRATOS! (Listen to s sample clip!)

Saturday, September 15, 2012

9/14 at the AMVETS - Back in the Swing of Things

Holy Sardines Batman! 
49 People for lessons! At this rate we're going to have to expand the dance floor! The place was packed. We reviewed Fun Lovin, then taught Baby Dance with Me (OLLY!) for the beginners. We also taught a cute swing style Couples dance that we'll review next week.

It's really great to keep seeing new dancers HOW COOL IS THAT! While we were wrapping up the lessons, the place kept filling up and by the time the band started there wasn't an empty table in the place and few empty chairs to boot. JUST-N-KASE hit the ground running playing uptempo rhythms that kept people on the floor and dancing all night!. I also got a chance on Friday to meet Jerry Lahoulier who's running JERRYOKE Downstairs at the AMVETS wed through Sunday. Nice Guy. If you'd like to be behind a mike instead of in front of the speakers for a change, check him out in person or on the Web at Jerryoke.ComJUST-N-KASE is scheduled to be back for the end of October to help us celebrate Halloween so don't miss em!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


What a GREAT first night back at the Chicopee AMVETS!

Our 1st time back after a long fun summer greeted us with a nice Air Conditioned Hall (which was a godsend since it was 90 outside) and 40+ People for the lessons. It was great to see everyone's face again and to see so many of the beginners that we met over the summer. For the lessons we taught a Beginner line and a Beginners Partner and an intermediate partner dance to Easton Corbin's new Song, "Loving you is Fun".

The crowd kept building and by the time Radio Ranch began  the place was packed. Radio Ranch did what they always do laying down some great country tempos that always get us out on the floor and dancing. The crowd held well all night and we closed the place down with Radio Ranch singing God Bless America, a fitting tribute for the weekend before 911.

See ya next week with a review of Fun Lovin', a Brand new Partner dance I know you're gonna like and probably a another beginners line dance to keep the new folks dancing.. See Ya Friday!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

It's almost Time !!

Friday  September 7th is fast approaching and we'll be back in action at the Chicopee AMVETS with weekly Line and Couples lessons followed by live music. 

The Band schedule this season ROCKS! Check it out HERE.  So... polish up your boots, enjoy labor day and get yourself ready for a good time with the One Eyed Parrots at the Chicopee AMVETS!! 

In the meantime check out the slideshow of our Summer Fun Road Trip to Hampton Beach! We all had a great time on Parrot Island!!

                           SLIDESHOW!      !

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Late Summer OEP Blog update!!

WOW!!! What a busy  Summer it's Been! After closing out the season out at the Chicopee AMVETS with a Tropical Dancing Sweatfest on June  22nd    ;-)   

We've been busy just about all SUMMER!

We kicked off the Summer at the Summit View in Holyoke on July 6 with 20-something OEP's at the outdoor concert series featuring the Truck Stop Troubadours ( Who by the way we'll be seeing regularly at the AMVETS come fall).  Good food,  Good friends, Good Music, GOOD TIMES!

Next Up were Back2Back OEP Pot Luck Parties graciously hosted by Wayne, Laurie and Jennifer. The food was outstanding, the company was terrific, the pools refreshing on a hot summer day and we got to distribute most of the OEP Shirts everyone was waiting for. 

Then... on July 21st, Doreen and I were invited to teach at a Private Party at the  Ranch Golf Club in Southwick. Had a wonderful time met some great folks who we suspect we'll see in September and got to meet an extremely nice woman named Trista who BTW throws OUTSTANDING Parties. She's a wedding planner and very good at what she does, check out her website

The following week, July 28th,  17 OEP's Brought it To The King at the Medieval Manor! We started off the day at 6:30AM with a 6 car convoy to Boston's Backbay where we grabbed some breakfast fare and began our 6 Mile Walking Tour. The Tour wound through Boston along a good part of the freedom trail back up to Cheers for Lunch! We then headed down by the Charles River Esplanade and back to the cars for our trip to the manor, a little parking lot dancing and fine show by the King and his minions. What a fun Day. Other than losing Marybeth for a while it all went according to clockwork, Even the rain held off till we were inside the Theater!

Last Weekend was a TwoFer with a Potluck  BBQ, Hayrides, dance lessons and Pig Roast hosted by Claudia, Chris and Charlie at the Twin Orchard Farm in Southampton on Saturday followed by the Harmony House - Line dance Demo & Benefit at the Moose in Chicopee on Sunday. Got to meet alot of new friends that I suspect we'll be seeing this fall as well.

Coming up on this  Friday,  August 17th a Bunch of the OEP's we will be taking in another FREE Summer series concert at the Summit View (Or as Diane calls it; "My Neck of the Woods") with with Bear Mountain. Concert undercover Rain or Shine!

On Thursday and Friday August 23 & 24 we will be at our HOT SUMMER FUN Road trip to Hampton Beach! We'll be hitting the beach for fun in the sun early Thursday morning followed by a fun Happy Hour Sing Along at the Sea Ketch and then a nice Italian dinner at Mama Leone's. When we can't eat anymore, we'll head across the street and Join the country dance folks at the New Seashell for some outdoor dancing to the country band, the Goat Ropers! We'll end up Friday with another day on the beach!

Friday, September 7......... WE'RE BACKKKK! Season Kick Off at the Chicopee AMVETS with Line and Partner dance lessons and the one and only RADIO RANCH!!

Other dates to Plan for 

Cook's Orchard Apple fest Sunday Sept 23rd

Country Night at the Castle (KOC) October 27th

It's always a Good Time with The One Eyed Parrot Dance Club!!    See ya soon!!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

OEP 2012 End of Season BASH!!

Keeping with Tradition the Last OEP Friday Dance night of the season June 22nd will be a Tropical Theme'd Bash with FREE  ALL REQUEST Line & Couples Dancing from 6:30 till 7:45 PM as a Thank You to all the OEP's for their support throughout the year. 

LOTS OF TIME TO DANCE to all your requests!! So come out and Join us in your best tropical attire! It'll be the last fun night of dancing at the AMVETS until September. If you want to, bring some munchies, fruit etc etc to eat or share (No hot dishes) and lets kick off the summer in style. Don't have a Hawaiian shirt? No Worries, we'll make sure you'll get Lei'd at the Door    ;-)

At 8PM, Pure Country will be on stage playing live Country Music until Closing, Band Cover only $5.00

Friday June 15th

Friday was Fantastic! It was great to have True West back on stage and as promised they kept us up and dancing all night long. 

It's always a good time when these guys play. They'll be back in October so watch the Calendar!! 

 The floor was packed for the lessons. It was great to see so many friends out dancing both old and new as we continue to add new dancers to the group. The summer calendar's filling up so check it out and join us at the scheduled events for a full fun filled summer.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


This Friday, June 15th John, Tommy, Jim, Laura, & Allyn will be heading to the Chicopee AMVETS to keep you on the floor and dancing to your TOP MODERN COUNTRY HITS ALL NIGHT LONG!! YUP!! TRUE WEST will be laying down the hot country tracks, playing your favorite country modern dance tunes with some well known country classics. You know what a great time we have every time these guys come to town so plan to dance your butt off!!

Last Friday ROCKED! - 

Last Friday was, in a word, OUSTANDING! Does it get any better than that? 

With 40+ people for the lessons the floor was packed in anticipation of a Long Night of Partying with Radio Ranch!   

The surprise for the night was when I (Randy) found out that I was the "Ho" during Party Crowd. Didn't expect that. The death by Chocolate was excellent, Radio Ranch was terrific as always and the company exceptional. Thanks for everyone who helped make my Birthday one to remember! 

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Last Friday at the Chicopee AMVET - Does it get any better than that?

Been so busy putting out the summer schedule, promoting our new dance that I forgot to blog about last Friday... Last Friday was, in a word, OUSTANDING! Does it get any better than that? 

The floor was absolutely PACKED for the lessons and we followed it up with a great night of dancing with the One, the Only RADIO RANCH. We had new friends join us from Greenfield and we made a dance video of Mean and our new dance, Fourteen Hundred and Fifty Two Beers Ago to the Song Beers Ago by Toby Keith. 

For the new dance teach, we taught Dan Albro's new line and couples dances that we brought back from Mishnock . Both dances were well received, but got an ENORMOUS AMOUNT of positive feedback on the couples dance. Is the couple dance that much more fun or are couples dancers just more vocal?   ;-)      

Memorial Day
Speaking of couples dancers... It's been almost 10 years to the day since Doreen and I started dancing on a "Mixed Floor" at the AMVETS in late May 2002. I remember wondering if we would be able to make it once around the floor on a two step because everyone was free styling. We starting teaching in 2005 and I remember telling Doreen that one day the couple dancers would actually close the loop on the outside of the floor. I'm not sure she believed me. She asked me how we were going to do that. I told her I was going to start by making a new friend every week. Well we closed the loop for the first time in 2011, and last Friday was the first time in 10 years that I saw several couples beginning an inside circle for the couples dance on a regular Friday night band night.  

My, Oh My....... how things have progressed.  BTW Dancers... You Guys Rock!!!

See Ya Friday, 

This Memorial day don't forget to stop and take a second to acknowledge all  the sacrifices our Veterans (Past and Present) have made for us.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

SUMMER UPDATE                             

Lotsa Lotsa Info GUYS so get a pen,commit to memory or tell your significant other or whatever it is you do to not forget.  _____________________________________________________________________________________

1st - The preliminary draft of the One Eyed Parrot Summer Calendar is out!  Click the blue & yella link above for a PDF COPY. Still waiting on bands for their schedules but wanted to get it out so you can start holding dates. 
July 6th The Truck Stop Troubadours Summit View Summer Pavilion 
July 28th Back by Popular Demand - Boston Dinner Theater Road trip
The Day starts off with a walking tour of the Back-bay (South Meeting House, Faneuil Hall, Old Granary cemetery, Boston Common etc)  provided by Yours Truly followed by a nice Pub Lunch at Cheers and then off to the Theater for some bawdy early evening Dinner Theater at the Medieval Manor

July 17th - Radio Ranch at the Brimfield Common

Aug 4th Twin Orchard Farm BBQ with Line Dancing  - An afternoon away from the city with friends relaxing at a nice country BBQ graciously hosted by Twin Orchard Farms. We'll be there with music and dancing. Summer, BBQ, Country Music and Dancing! What more do you need. Oh... did I tell you they have horses and walking trails?

Aug 5th  Line dance Demo & Benefit for the Harmony House at the Moose in Chicopee. Come after 2PM dressed in your OEP Shirt and show off those dancing skills for charity. If you like come early and buy a ticket and get lunch and participate in the activities.
.Aug 17th - Bear Mountain   Summit View Summer Pavilion 
Aug 18th Radio Ranch at the Wales Fireman's Dinner

Aug 23-24 Our Annual HOT SUMMER FUN Roadtrip to Hampton Beach!  

Yes Sir the parrots will be heading to the beach again this year for Some Beach, Some Happy Hour Singing , Some Good Food and Country Music and Dancing with the Goat Ropers. 2 Full Days of Parrot Friends, Sun and Beach. It's 5 O'Clock Somewhere ...

Stay Tuned More to COME!    It's gonna be a Long Hot Summer!!!