Ol' One Eye

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Dancing with the Ranch (Radio Ranch)

Another good night with 30+ dancers on the floor for the lessons! We started off with a review of “MEAN” and the taught “Love is Better”, a new dance from Dan Albro (Mishnock Barn) to the song “Better Than That” by American Idols own Scotty McCreery. A LOT of good feedback on this one. It’s a fast but fun dance to a great song, there's no tags, and no restarts. ( and we’ll know it when we go to Mishnock. Yeah! ) For the couples lessons we taught the classic “Sweetheart Stroll” to the number one song on the Media Base Music Chart, I Don't Want This Night To End by Luke Bryan Another great song, gives this dance a nice feel. Click on the songs and take a listen!

To entertain us, our good friends Radio Ranch were back in Chicopee laying down those great dancing beats to keep us going till closing! What a great band! We missed Jim but it was good to see Penny & Kristen out and about and didja notice Kristen learned some couples dances? She got to do one with her Grandfather, how cool was that to see?

It was great to have our new dancers back and see how quickly they’re picking up the dances, nice people and great additions to the group! Good to have Diane and Kathleen out on the floor again this week  (Great Dancers) and you had to see Jennifer at the  end of the night throw off her coat and run to the floor when one of her favorite dances came on. (One More Dance Syndrome in action), yup she’s one of us!  Nice to have, John & Sue, Roger & Sophie and our other new couples back.

We were really happy to get to see Janet out dancing one last time before Knee surgery. Good Luck, get better and get back..  ;) We didn’t get to see our house leprechaun and good luck charm Sheila last night (Normally stands to my left during the lessons) but she wanted me to tell everyone she couldn’t be there last night because of a family commitment but will see everyone next week.  See ya’ll on the 10th. Have a great week!