Ol' One Eye

Friday, September 28, 2012

Foot Stompin', Butt Rockin', Beer Drinkin' Music.. On Tap at the Chicopee AMVETS

This week, the the Truck Stop Troubadours will be on stage playing the Classic outlaw country sound mixed with hints of Rockabilly and Americana that you love. 

They learned some new songs that you're gonna like so come out and join us for a night of 4/4 foot stompin' two steppin',house rockin',diesel truckin', beer drinkin' music with a definite uptempo beat.... Lessons Start at 6:30 and the Band at 8PM. 
You'll have a GOOD TIME.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Stratos - Friday Sept 21st at the Chicopee AMVETS

This Friday, back at the AMVETS by popular demand is STRATOS and you will be impressed!

Jason and his folks provide a unique Country Music Dance Experience with their DJ and Band combo package. They artfully and seamlessly combine a DJ's digital music mix with the energy and excitement of a live performance that appeals to band lovers and DJ lovers alike!

Their ability to bounce between DJ & band for continuous performance, will have you up on the floor dancing to all the songs you love.

Friday Night Lessons Friday begin at 6:30 with beginners and new Intermediate line dance for ya and a review of last weeks Partner Dance

So come on out and get your country on with STRATOS! (Listen to s sample clip!)

Saturday, September 15, 2012

9/14 at the AMVETS - Back in the Swing of Things

Holy Sardines Batman! 
49 People for lessons! At this rate we're going to have to expand the dance floor! The place was packed. We reviewed Fun Lovin, then taught Baby Dance with Me (OLLY!) for the beginners. We also taught a cute swing style Couples dance that we'll review next week.

It's really great to keep seeing new dancers HOW COOL IS THAT! While we were wrapping up the lessons, the place kept filling up and by the time the band started there wasn't an empty table in the place and few empty chairs to boot. JUST-N-KASE hit the ground running playing uptempo rhythms that kept people on the floor and dancing all night!. I also got a chance on Friday to meet Jerry Lahoulier who's running JERRYOKE Downstairs at the AMVETS wed through Sunday. Nice Guy. If you'd like to be behind a mike instead of in front of the speakers for a change, check him out in person or on the Web at Jerryoke.ComJUST-N-KASE is scheduled to be back for the end of October to help us celebrate Halloween so don't miss em!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


What a GREAT first night back at the Chicopee AMVETS!

Our 1st time back after a long fun summer greeted us with a nice Air Conditioned Hall (which was a godsend since it was 90 outside) and 40+ People for the lessons. It was great to see everyone's face again and to see so many of the beginners that we met over the summer. For the lessons we taught a Beginner line and a Beginners Partner and an intermediate partner dance to Easton Corbin's new Song, "Loving you is Fun".

The crowd kept building and by the time Radio Ranch began  the place was packed. Radio Ranch did what they always do laying down some great country tempos that always get us out on the floor and dancing. The crowd held well all night and we closed the place down with Radio Ranch singing God Bless America, a fitting tribute for the weekend before 911.

See ya next week with a review of Fun Lovin', a Brand new Partner dance I know you're gonna like and probably a another beginners line dance to keep the new folks dancing.. See Ya Friday!