Ol' One Eye

Saturday, April 9, 2016


Three years ago, I stated in this Blog that 2013 would go down as the most successful year in the history of the One Eyed Parrot Dance Club. I was correct, then… but that statement isn’t true anymore.

The reason it is no longer true is because 2016 is by any measure, is quickly becoming by far, the most successful year in the 10 ½ year History of the One Eyed Parrot dance club.

We have broken all previous attendance records in every venue with some events attendance ranging in the Hundreds!

We are teaching in multiple venues & locations throughout western Massachusetts 5+ days a week.

And most importantly, we are growing like MAD! Club Membership remains by far the single most rewarding club metric. I stated in 2013 that the club had more than doubled in membership in just a year. Well since that time our membership has doubled again!

 The long time friendships that we have been fortunate to establish and maintain over the past 10 ½ years and new friendships that we as a group have cultivated are by far the most satisfying of all achievements. It’s those friendships and the continued, selfless efforts of all our friends that keep the club, fun, relevant and growing.

I’ve said it oft before, and I need to say it again…