Ol' One Eye

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Last Friday at the Chicopee AMVET - Does it get any better than that?

Been so busy putting out the summer schedule, promoting our new dance that I forgot to blog about last Friday... Last Friday was, in a word, OUSTANDING! Does it get any better than that? 

The floor was absolutely PACKED for the lessons and we followed it up with a great night of dancing with the One, the Only RADIO RANCH. We had new friends join us from Greenfield and we made a dance video of Mean and our new dance, Fourteen Hundred and Fifty Two Beers Ago to the Song Beers Ago by Toby Keith. 

For the new dance teach, we taught Dan Albro's new line and couples dances that we brought back from Mishnock . Both dances were well received, but got an ENORMOUS AMOUNT of positive feedback on the couples dance. Is the couple dance that much more fun or are couples dancers just more vocal?   ;-)      

Memorial Day
Speaking of couples dancers... It's been almost 10 years to the day since Doreen and I started dancing on a "Mixed Floor" at the AMVETS in late May 2002. I remember wondering if we would be able to make it once around the floor on a two step because everyone was free styling. We starting teaching in 2005 and I remember telling Doreen that one day the couple dancers would actually close the loop on the outside of the floor. I'm not sure she believed me. She asked me how we were going to do that. I told her I was going to start by making a new friend every week. Well we closed the loop for the first time in 2011, and last Friday was the first time in 10 years that I saw several couples beginning an inside circle for the couples dance on a regular Friday night band night.  

My, Oh My....... how things have progressed.  BTW Dancers... You Guys Rock!!!

See Ya Friday, 

This Memorial day don't forget to stop and take a second to acknowledge all  the sacrifices our Veterans (Past and Present) have made for us.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

SUMMER UPDATE                             

Lotsa Lotsa Info GUYS so get a pen,commit to memory or tell your significant other or whatever it is you do to not forget.  _____________________________________________________________________________________

1st - The preliminary draft of the One Eyed Parrot Summer Calendar is out!  Click the blue & yella link above for a PDF COPY. Still waiting on bands for their schedules but wanted to get it out so you can start holding dates. 
July 6th The Truck Stop Troubadours Summit View Summer Pavilion 
July 28th Back by Popular Demand - Boston Dinner Theater Road trip
The Day starts off with a walking tour of the Back-bay (South Meeting House, Faneuil Hall, Old Granary cemetery, Boston Common etc)  provided by Yours Truly followed by a nice Pub Lunch at Cheers and then off to the Theater for some bawdy early evening Dinner Theater at the Medieval Manor

July 17th - Radio Ranch at the Brimfield Common

Aug 4th Twin Orchard Farm BBQ with Line Dancing  - An afternoon away from the city with friends relaxing at a nice country BBQ graciously hosted by Twin Orchard Farms. We'll be there with music and dancing. Summer, BBQ, Country Music and Dancing! What more do you need. Oh... did I tell you they have horses and walking trails?

Aug 5th  Line dance Demo & Benefit for the Harmony House at the Moose in Chicopee. Come after 2PM dressed in your OEP Shirt and show off those dancing skills for charity. If you like come early and buy a ticket and get lunch and participate in the activities.
.Aug 17th - Bear Mountain   Summit View Summer Pavilion 
Aug 18th Radio Ranch at the Wales Fireman's Dinner

Aug 23-24 Our Annual HOT SUMMER FUN Roadtrip to Hampton Beach!  

Yes Sir the parrots will be heading to the beach again this year for Some Beach, Some Happy Hour Singing , Some Good Food and Country Music and Dancing with the Goat Ropers. 2 Full Days of Parrot Friends, Sun and Beach. It's 5 O'Clock Somewhere ...

Stay Tuned More to COME!    It's gonna be a Long Hot Summer!!!